Bowman Sculpture

Speciality | Sculpture from 1860 to the Present Day

Day & Faber

Speciality | Old Master and Nineteenth Century Drawings and Paintings

Ben Elwes Fine Art

Speciality | Old Master and British paintings and drawings

Martyn Gregory Gallery

Speciality | China trade (export) paintings, pictures relating to south east Asia and British watercolours and...

Hanina Fine Arts

Speciality | School of Paris, Early Modern and Post-war European and American paintings and sculpture

Daniel Katz Ltd

Speciality | Fine Art from Antiquity through to the 20th Century

Philip Mould Ltd

Speciality | British and Old Master portraiture - including portrait miniatures - from c.1500 to the present d...

Whitford Fine Art

Speciality | 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures with an emphasis on Modernism, Belgian and British Post-War...

Alon Zakaim Fine Art

Speciality | 19th Century, Impressionist, Post Impressionist and Contemporary Art, Paintings and Sculpture