Angus Haldane publishes his first book!

18 July 2017

 'Portraits of the English Civil Wars' is Angus's first book as well as the first in the 'Face of War' series, published by Unicorn.

Roundhead against Cavalier, Dandy against Puritan, silk versus sackcloth, Cromwell versus Charles I - this book examines and deconstructs many of the common preconceptions of the period. Cromwell and Charles I are just two of the many men and women who marked the period of the English Civil Wars. Lavishly illustrated, many of these portraits will not have been seen before. 

The book is both art historical and biographical. It offers the reader a sophisticated art historical analysis of the portraits featured as well as juicy details of the characters' personal lives. 

Order a copy signed by the author for £18.75 (£25 RRP) by clicking on the link below 

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