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Text goes herArt, and a love of the outdoors, have been a constant presence in David Grossmann’s life. Born in 1984 in Colorado, USA, he lived in Chile from the age of two to fourteen. The towering Andes and vast ocean, along with the country’s barren deserts and fertile valleys, shaped his appreciation for the beauty of nature. This appreciation was further honed by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, which offered a touch of familiarity amidst the culture shock of his new home, Colorado, USA, where he continued to practise art.

After earning degrees in Business and Spanish, David attended the Colorado Academy of Art, where he first began to train in plein air painting. He immediately embraced the challenges of this new method, which perfectly complemented his love of nature, and his increasing focus on landscape painting lead him to study with renowned artist Jay Moore.

Since then, David has travelled across Colorado, the western United States, and abroad, finding inspiration in Patagonia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions across the US, including the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale, and shows organised by Oil Painters of America, The American Impressionist Society, and Salon International. Whichever location has inspired his works, they are characterised by their understated sense of tranquillity, and simplified rhythms of colour, light, and shade.e

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