Eduard Hildebrandt

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Eduard Hildebrandt started out in building decoration before going on to study art in Berlin in the studio of Wilhelm Krause. He then went to Paris, where he knew Eugène Isabey and set up his own studio. However, Wanderlust soon took hold and he left for Brazil, America, the Far East, Asia Minor, Switzerland and Italy. He took part in various collective exhibitions, including, the Paris Salon from 1843, where he was awarded a gold medal, a private exhibition in London in 1866 and Crystal Palace, London, in 1868. He also exhibited in Brussels. He was represented in the exhibition Expedition Kunst. Die Entdeckung der Natur von C. D. Friedrich bis Humboldt (Expedition Art. The Discovery of Nature from CD Friedrich to Humboldt) at Hamburg Kunsthalle in 2002, an exhibition which demonstrated the links between the natural sciences and the painted landscape.
He brought back many watercolours from his travels. His illustrated journal was published in Berlin in 1867 under the title Reise um die Erde (Journey Round the Earth).
Museum and Gallery Holdings
Berlin: Kronborg Castle, near Helsingor; Forest in Winter; High Mountain Valley at Sunset
Cologne: Landscape from Northern Germany
Rouen (MBA): After the Thunderstorm; Setting Sun

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