Bridget McCrum

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Bridget McCrum’s work is a potent fusion of the ancient with the modern. She works primarily in stone, from which some pieces are also cast in bronze. Initially influenced by archaeological finds and by the work of Brancusi, Hepworth and Moore, her sculpture also contains oblique references to the landscape and fauna around her homes in Devon and Gozo. The basis of her work is a lyrical abstraction of living forms, a process after which only the primary elements of her animals and birds remain identifiable.
Bridget McCrum’s largest creation to date, Merlin 2008, stands at over 4 metres high. A unique piece cast in stainless steel, it was commissioned by Rolls Royce for their new factory in Bristol. The proportions of the work are based on the Merlin bird and the shape of the wings reflect those of the Spitfire aircraft.
“Bridget McCrum shows no diminution of her powers as a sculptor. As a craftsman she is expert in her ability to invest solid forms with spring life and to make heavy objects appear light enough to fly. As a philosopher in stone she is cogent, clear and consoling. The passing of time is unlikely to make her work look dated. As Christopher Fry put it, ‘Time walks by your side, ma’am, unwilling to pass’”. Ann Elliott

One man shows Include:
2008 Messums Fine Art, London
2002 St James Cavalier Art Centre, Malta
1998 & 1997 Messums Fine Art, London
1995 Wattis Gallery, Hong Kong
1994 Dartington Hall
1992 Melitensia Gallery, Malta
1991 Vanessa Devereux Gallery, London
1990 School of Architecture, Plymouth
1988 Phoenix Gallery, Lavenham
1986 Vanessa Devereux Gallery, London
1984 Drawing Schools, Eton

Mixed exhibitions include:
2009 Drawing Exhibition, Royal West of England
2007 – 2010 Royal West of England Autumn Show
1989 – 2009 New Art Centre at Roche Court, Salisbury
2003 – 2010 Concepts Gallery, Sculpture at Goodwood
1997 – 2009 Messums Fine Art
2000 – 2004 Sculpture in the Garden, Bohun Gallery
1999 – 2009 Art London
2003 Tooth and Claw, Royal West of England Academy (invited artist)
2003 Drawn Conclusions, Plymouth City Museum
1998 University of Surrey
1997 & 1995 Sculpture in the Garden, Deans Court, Wimborne
1996 Chelsea Harbour
1998 RWA Open Sculpture Exhibition
1991, 1989 & 1983 Royal Academy

University of Surrey.
Priors Court School, Newbury.
Lismore Castle, Co Cork.
HSBC, Malta.
Spencer Stuart, London.
Charter Bank, London.
Golden Door Foundation, San Diego.
Bryher, Isles of Scilly. National Trust Gardens:
The Homewood, Esher.
Greenway House, Devon.
Coleton Fishacre, Devon.
Private collections in USA , Far East, Middle East, Europe.

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