Offer Waterman

Modern British and Contemporary Art
Opening Hours - Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturdays, or evenings, by appointment.
Contacts:  Offer Waterman, Managing Director, James Gould, Director, Rebecca Beach, Director
+44 (0)20 7042 3233
17 St George Street

Offer Waterman opened his first gallery space in Chelsea, London in 1996. Now based in a five-storey building in the heart of Mayfair, the gallery has developed an international following for its exceptional 20th Century and Contemporary art.

Previously the historic William Morris & Co showroom, the new gallery at St. George Street provides a reposeful and understated exhibition space on three floors, with a library and research centre on the fourth. The gallery’s experienced and approachable team are dedicated to helping collectors, at all levels, develop remarkable and individual art collections.

Offer Waterman places considerable importance on the production and delivery of historical exhibitions. From Frank Auerbach, Early Works in 2012, to the 2015 presentation of David Hockney, Early Drawings, the gallery is committed to supporting and developing its field of expertise. Offer Waterman is a benefactor of museums and arts organizations and has provided support to numerous museum exhibitions.

As the gallery approaches its twentieth year, our primary aim remains the same – the sourcing and presentation of exceptional works of art. We are continually expanding our inventory, over the coming years we hope to offer an innovative exhibition programme which will complement our participation at the major international art fairs.


• Considered and personalised purchase or sale strategies for private, corporate and institutional collections.
• Private and insider advice on the purchase of art at auction.
• Valuations for the purpose of sale, insurance, probate, estate and inheritance tax.
• Curatorial services, including advice and assistance with the conservation, framing, display and lighting works of art.
• One to one museum tours to gather curiosity and ideas to form a private collection.
• Advice to institutions seeking to de-accession and handling artworks from their collections.

• A
Adams, RobertAdler, JankelAgar, EileenAitchison, CraigieAlbers, JosephAllen, RichardAndrews, MichaelAndrews, SybilArmitage, KennethAuerbach, Frank
• B
Bacon, FrancisBanting, JohnBarker, CliveBarns-Graham, WilhelminaBell, TrevorBevan, RobertBevan, TonyBlake, PeterBlow, SandraBomberg, DavidBoyle FamilyBoyle, MarkBratby, JohnBrill, ReginaldBrockhurst, Gerald LeslieBrooker, WilliamBurra, EdwardButler, Reg
• C
Caro, AnthonyCaulfield, PatrickChadwick, LynnClough, PrunellaCohen, BernardColdstream, WilliamCollins, CecilColquhoun, RobertCoper, HansCoventry, KeithCraig-Martin, MichaelCraxton, John
• D
Dalwood, DexterDavie, AlanDegas, EdgarDenny, RobynDobson, FrankDoig, Peter
• E
Eardley, JoanEpstein, JacobEurich, Richard
• F
Feiler, PaulFell, SheilaFergusson, John DuncanFlanagan, BarryFreud, LucianFrink, ElisabethFrost, TerryFry, Roger
• G
Gabo, NaumGallacio, AnyaGaudier-Brzeska, HenriGertler, MarkGilbert and GeorgeGill, EricGilman, HaroldGinner, CharlesGolding, JohnGore, Spencer FrederickGowing, LawrenceGrant, DuncanGreaves, Walter
• H
Hambling, MaggiHamilton, RichardHeath, AdrianHepworth, BarbaraHeron, PatrickHill, AnthonyHiller, SusanHillier, TristramHilton, RogerHirst, DamienHitchens, IvonHockney, DavidHodgkin, EliotHodgkin, Sir HowardHoyland, John
• J
Jackson, ArthurJohn, AugustusJohn, GwenJones, AllenJones, DavidJones, Sarah
• K
Kelley, DiarmuidKennington, EricKinley, PeterKitaj, R.B.Kossoff, Leon
• L
Landy, MichaelLanyon, PeterLatham, JohnLaw, BobLewis, WyndhamLin, RichardLong, RichardLowry, Laurence Stephen
• M
MacBryde, RobertMartin, JasonMartin, KennethMartin, MaryMcWilliam, F.E.Meadows, BernardMedley, RobertMellis, MargaretMeninsky, BernardMiddleditch, EdwardMilow, KeithMinton, JohnMoore, HenryMorris, CedricMoss, MarlowMoynihan, Rodrigo
• N
Nakashima, GeorgeNash, JohnNash, PaulNevinson, C.R.W.Newton, AlgernonNicholson, BenNicholson, WilliamNicholson, Winifred
• O
Ofili, Chris
• P
Paolozzi, EduardoPasmore, VictorPenrose, RolandPerry, GraysonPhillips, PeterPicasso, PabloPiper, JohnPotter, MaryPryde, James
• R
Redpath, AnneRego, PaulaReynolds, AlanRichards, CeriRie, LucieRiley, BridgetRoberts, WilliamRodin, Auguste
• S
Scott, WilliamScully, SeanSelf, ColinShapinsky, HaroldSickert, Walter RichardSkeaping, JohnSmith, MatthewSmith, RichardSpear, RuskinSpencer, StanleyStephenson, IanStephenson, John CecilSutherland, Graham
• T
Tilson, JoeTower, JamesTrevelyan, JulianTucker, WilliamTunnard, JohnTurnbull, WilliamTurner, J.M.W.
• U
Uglow, EuanUnderwood, Leon
• V
Vaughan, Keith
• W
Walker, JohnWallis, AlfredWells, JohnWhistler, James McNeillWhiteread, RachelWilding, AlisonWilling, VictorWolfe, EdwardWolmark, AlfredWood, ChristopherWynter, Bryan
• Y
Yeats, Jack B