Tornabuoni Art

Modern and Contemporary Art
Opening Hours - Mon-Fri 10 - 18, Sat 10.30 - 17.30
Contact:  Owner / Director: Ursula Casamonti
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020 7629 2172
46 Albemarle Street

Founded in Florence in 1981 by Roberto Casamonti, in the street that gave the gallery its name, Tornabuoni Art opened other spaces in Crans-Montana in 1993, Milan in 1995, Portofino in 2001, Forte dei Marmi in 2004 and Paris in 2009. In 2015, Tornabuoni Art has launched its new gallery space in London’s Mayfair.

Specialising in Post-War Italian art and exhibiting artists such as Fontana, Burri, Castellani, Bon- alumi, Boetti, Scheggi, Simeti and Dadamaino, the gallery also has a permanent collection of significant works by major Italian artists of the Novecento, such as de Chirico, Morandi, Balla or Severini, as well as International 20th century Avant-garde masters, such as Picasso, Mirò, Kandinsky, Hartung, Poliakoff, Dubuffet, Lam, Matta, Christo,Wesselmann, Warhol and Basquiat. Furthering its passion for Italian art, the family’s collection is today completed by the work of young contemporary artists such as Francesca Pasquali.

Tornabuoni Art London is led by Ursula Casamonti, daughter of the gallery’s founder Roberto Casamonti, who has worked closely alongside her father for 20 years. For its first year, the gallery is proposing an exhibition programme focused on Post-War Italian art, presenting monographic exhibitions of Lucio Fontana, Alighiero Boetti and Arnaldo Pomodoro, as well as two group shows showcasing the works of Itallian masters from the 1950s and the 1960s-70s. Finally, two exhibi- tions of contemporary artists Francesca Pasquali and Luca Pignatelli will round off the programme.

Tornabuoni Art also works closely with museums and institutions for expertise and guidance and with its experience and thorough knowledge of the work of the artists it represents, the gallery has established itself as an advisor for both private and public collections.

Adami Valerio
Atchugarry Pablo
Baj Enrico
Balla Giacomo
Bastiquiat Jean-Michel
Biasi Alberto
Boetti Alighiero
Bonalumi Agostino
Burri Alberto
Campigli Massimo
Capogrossi Giuseppe
Castellani Enrico
Cattelan Maurizio
Ceroli Mario
Chia Sandro
Chiari Giuseppe
Clemente Francesco
Colombo Gianni
Cragg Tony
Crippa Roberto
De chirico Giorgio
De Pisis Filippo
Dorazio Piero
Festa Tano
Fontana Lucio
Gilbert e George
Gnoli Domenico
Kounellis Jannis
Lo Savio Francesco
Maiorano Serafino
Manzoni Piero
Marini Marino
Melotti Fausto
Merz Mario
Morandi Giorgio
Novelli Gastone
Ontani Luigi
Paik Nam June
Paladino Mimmo
Paolini Giulio
Pascali Pino
Pasquali Francesca
Picasso Pablo
Pistoletto Michelangelo
Pomodoro Arnaldo
Pomodoro Giò
Rosai Ottone
Rotella Mimmo
Savinio Alberto
Scheggi Paolo
Schifano Mario
Simeti Turi
Sironi Mario
Turcato Giulio
Uecker Günther
Uncini Giuseppe
Vedova Emilio
Warhol Andy