Emanuel von Baeyer London

A Private Collection – Prints and Selected Drawings spanning Five Centuries
26th August - 27th September 2020
We are pleased to announce a new online exhibition of Prints and Selected Drawings of Five Centuries. All the artworks come from a private collector focused on printmaking, who had an eye on very fine and early impressions, often with an important provenance.

Thackeray Gallery

8th - 23rd September 2020

Thackeray Gallery is delighted to present Scottish artist Christine McArthur and her colourful collection inspired by the food and flowers of the French markets in Tremolat. “Journey into Summer” is a show not to be missed

Thackeray Gallery

Joe Fan RSA “Flight of Fancy” & David Klein MRSS, “Drawing in Stone”
8th - 23rd October 2020

Thackeray Gallery is proud to host two wonderful artists, over its two gallery floors.  David Klein MRSS creates a collection of figurative sculpture in a variety of exotic stone, while acclaimed Scottish Artist Joe Fan RSA, takes us on a journey to beautifully imagined, and surreal, lands.

Thackeray Gallery

David Smith RSW “Off the Beaten Track”
3rd - 20th November 2020

Thackeray Gallery is proud to introduce Scottish landscape artist David Smith RSW. Capturing Scotland’s glorious blue sky against the warmth of the sand, David’s paintings have a way of connecting us with land and sea through art.