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Unit 11, Market Trading Estate | Christopher Road | Southall | UB2 5YG
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Global Mailing – London’s first class business mail company that makes you feel ‘Wow!’

We’re not like any other mailing company. With over 25 years in business, we have the size and systems to work like a blue chip company, with the family-oriented culture that means our customers always come first and always get the best service. That’s why we retain our clients for years and why new clients are happy to switch to us. Some of the most demanding businesses in London stay with us because they love our brilliant service, legendary attention to detail and proven ability to get things right.
Some of the industries we serve:

56 of the 140 members of the Society of London Art Dealers (SLAD) are Global Mailing customers. Why? Because they can trust us to keep their databases secure, take delivery of printed materials, and fulfil all distribution requirements. We understand tight deadlines and unexpected issues, have extensive experience in this market and work closely with gallery owners and artists to make sure they have nothing to worry about.

From Harry Potter to Vogue Magazine. Publishing companies trust Global Mailing with their mail and distribution requirements. From billing you by publication for easy budgeting and accounting to handling any type of publishing mail – from your daily letters to bulky publications and ad-hoc posting.

Market leaders in the finance world work with us because we’ve proved consistently that we have the people, systems and experience to put the confidential and secure nature of your business first. Security and trust are hallmarks of the financial sector reflected in the way you communicate with your clients. We understand the importance that British identity has to many finance businesses so your mail always carries the Royal Mail postage mark making sure your clients know it too.

Mailing is just one area where it’s important to keep an eye on costs – and costs by department, not just overall spend. That’s why an increasing number of schools, colleges and universities are turning to Global Mailing for help. We don’t just turn up and handle the mail – we give you fully-itemised cost-centred billing by department or faculty. We can collect and deliver all sorts of mail from multiple collection points.

Ensuring that this mail is securely and reliably handled is key to meeting your deadlines and maintaining your client relationships. From independent partnerships to the largest corporate law firms, London’s legal sector trust our mailing service. Even in the days of the paperless office, legal firms are required to use hard copy documents in a wide range of circumstances.

Choosing the right mailing partner is critical to maintaining your image and integrity. Staying in touch with your members is an essential part of your club’s overall service and you certainly don’t want to misplace or misuse member data. Handling all data securely in-house, we can organise mailing according to your needs, from a one-off specials to everyday mail services.

The more you save on administration, the more can go straight to your cause! That’s why charities and not-for-profit organisations choose to work with Global Mailing. We help to streamline the whole mailing process, reducing the cost to you without compromising on the service you give to your clients or supporters.

Client Testimonials
“Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and our London based subsidiaries have used the services of Global Mailing for more than 10 years. We have always found the team at Global Mailing to be friendly, efficient, competent, trustworthy, punctual and cost effective. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend them to any potential customer who wants their international post collected, processed, and dispatched every weekday for a competitive price.”
Allan Dixon – Facilities Manager (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc)
“I can state without reservation that Global Mailing has not only met, but consistently exceeded our requirements. Global provides a thoroughly reliable and effective service to the BMA.”
Patrick Reed – Head of Securities & Facilities (British Medical Association)

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